пятница, 2 марта 2012 г.

Windows 8: empty

Installation process requires almost nothing from technical skills, but you will have to setup 3-5 pages of personal data. Later I was force to fill my personal data again, when clicked on 'Music', but my honest acceptance haven't made me able to have anything more than seeing beautiful images, the app didn't launched.

Will it sync my porn if I start work with my girlfriend's PC ?
New Windows 8 brings new level of user interface experience emptiness. All you will see is monocolored background with overrough forms and glam fotos.
With new version you will have all simplified apps even for old good information apps
Internet explorer is also for fingers but not for brain
And even epic 'Start' Button is disappeared ... and replaced with dashboard you probably already seen many times under metro label
But happily your are still able to switch to desktop from phone/tablet mode

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