вторник, 21 февраля 2012 г.

Starcraft2 on Linux

A number of years ago it's was a real quest to run Windows games on Linux. Nowadays the situation is a bit better at least for not very fresh and famous games. You can get your favorite game with installer that is as easy to use as Ubuntu Store .. okok, few more clicks are required:). It's called PlayOnLinux, it's free and available in repos. Here is screenshot of Starcraft 2 installed with PlayOnLinux:
Honestly, I have not recompiled the kernel to have it. Unfortunately, windows have noisy installers making users to click unnecessary buttons and decline unwanted bonuses (like browser bars of statistic sending) so we will probably never have the ability to install such apps from repos or packages. The gameplay is quite fine and has no lags except random sound disappearance that is connected to my laziness to uninstall PulseAudio.

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