вторник, 17 апреля 2012 г.

Gotta Mindmaping software ?

Gotta Mindmaping software ?

Today I visited the website of mindmapping software I prefer to use name SciPlore to download distribution and install it. But noticed message they suggest to swtich to other product named Docear: http://www.docear.org/ Well, it looks at least much better.

And behave like more smarter and comfortable tool. If you are user of FreeMind, XMind, Kdissert/Semantik or some other not very friendly or expensive software I totally recommend you to try this one. Btw, they offer some features for nerds;)

понедельник, 9 апреля 2012 г.

I've written an article on the way you can setup automatic sync of your WebDAV space that can be provided GoDaddy Online File Folder, Yandex.Disk and many other file hostings or your corporate information system. Hope it will be helpful: