воскресенье, 13 января 2013 г.

Android voice reading books in Russian with TTS engine

The idea of computer that is reading books for me lived in my mind for a long time. There are many audio books read by famous actors or professionals, but it is always the book you want to read has no audio version and to listen available is just like watching TV.
That's why from time to time I was looking for tts text reading recipe. First tts I seen was working for DOS operating system and be able to read texts and pronounce numbers in english. The only problem was with accents, and it's still here. But nowdays it's quite ok.
Yesterday, I installed SVOX and bought Russian voice called Katja for my android phone and know can read books using CoolReader application that supports epub, fb2 and other ebook formats. And as you can see It's very close to comfortable level of playback.

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