вторник, 8 мая 2012 г.

VmWare Player on Ubuntu 12.04 with 3.2 kernel

I really don't like software that once upon a time say something, does something and than cruses and probably delete all you work results. I and you probably too hate such kind of software especially at this moments. All I want from software is to "Just work". No cool new features, updaters, asking windows and freezing for unknown reason windows please. Software must me dump and dowhatimsaying. That's why I like *nix operating systems. They still have plain and simply working software.

But software developers and product managers are working hard to bring colorfull and dialogfull world from win/mac to our spartan consoles. Recently lanched VmWare Player I got an updating window that falls after some processing and blocked usage of software:

Figuring out the problem, I tried different ways reading logs, googling and installing and uninstalling. I tried even to launch VirtualBox instead and got greeting update message:

But will not be able to run vmware image. Arrrggghhhh !!!!! What a really bastards all these people...
Both VmWare and VirtualBox and many other software always asking you to update themselves or performing updates without an permission. I know this can be disabled from application settings but this is really annoying to spend hours tweaking software on your every device or get suddenly failing behavior. Software is an tool but not Artifice Intelligence unit an required only to do what user has been requested. Do without thinking for him or asking. I want "I know what I'm doing, baby, mode" to be switched by one press/command for every software.
On this problem: googling more I found thread with VmWare Player patch for 3.2 kernel was proposed.
It required an older version of VmWare and not worked even after I downgraded my. So I had to open patch shell script (patch-modules_3.2.0.sh) and comment out version checking lines:
#[ -z "$product" ] && error "Sorry, this script is only for VMWare WorkStation $vmreqver or VMWare Player $plreqver
That helped and after some compiling by patch I got my VmWare Player working back.

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